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The Thayer Hotel is a national historic landmark that has hosted five US Presidents and countless world leaders and decision makers. The Thayer Hotel hosts executive meetings and conferences, offering enterprises the opportunity to experience the dynamic leadership instruction of West Point's top educators, supplemented by world-famous honorarium speakers.

The Thayer Hotel recently completed a multi-million dollar renovation. These upgrades have brought this historic property into the modern world of high-tech conference-capabilities, while restoring the hotel's old-world grandeur and inspirational beauty. The Thayer Hotel has unveiled new elaborate meeting and conference rooms; inspirational hallways with displays selected by the Academy's Superintendent, the West Point Association of Graduates, The Medal of Honor Society, and The West Point Museum; and meticulously renovated dining areas and guest rooms.

Each new guest room is dedicated to a distinguished graduate of West Point. Each room's décor reflects the accomplishments of an individual who has made significant contributions to the nation and the world. These rooms embrace occupants with an abundance of luxury, high-tech convenience, and reflective inspiration. West Point has produced US Presidents, foreign heads of state, warrior leaders, renowned astronauts, and Captains of Industry. Only the most accomplished and distinguished have a room at The Thayer Hotel named and decorated in their honor. All chosen honorees, selected by committee, are now part of the storied hotel's history. Their names and accomplishments are listed as part of a dedication display that has created a museum inside of a hotel. Every guest of the hotel will be offered an opportunity to take home a collector's video of the chosen honorees and will enjoy connecting with those who have had an impact on their country and the world.

These dedicated rooms are seen and enjoyed by world leaders, dignitaries, Academy recruits, cadet parents, returning war heroes, active duty officers and enlisted troops, tourists, and business leaders. Decision makers in all aspects of world affairs, coming from every industry, will see and reflect on both the honorees and the listed sponsors of these rooms. Sponsors will have a special dedication area in both the individually selected rooms and the hotel lobby. The opportunity for industry sponsors to connect on a deep emotional level with key decision makers from every sector of the economy is extraordinary. 

The Thayer Hotel Room Dedication Team is honored to build awareness of West Point's most accomplished individuals, benefiting the future and celebrating the past.

Dedication overview

The Thayer Hotel Room Dedication Program builds awareness of West Point's most accomplished individuals by celebrating the past to benefit the future.

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